We welcome both individual advertisers as well as advertising networks. Our website currently reaches more than 6,000 views per month, but as we grow the figure is also continually growing. The prices vary depending on the size of the the content advertised the location and the type of media it is. As we are small at the moment we will welcome all advertisers to get their ads displayed.


The price varies depending on the size, media, content and location.

Media Support

We are currently supporting all texts, image, graphic video embedded and flash ads.


Our banners and boxes come in various sizes including 300 x 300 px (box), 300 x 600 px (skyscraper) and 500 x 100 (rectangle box – usually at just beneat the header or at the bottom of the page).


If you are interested please give us mail at or visit the contact us page and drop in a message.