Top Cash Back Sites

More companies are using cashback as a means of drawing customers. Quidco and TopCashBack have been the industry leaders and their platform is very easy to use.

Everyone loves a bit of free money especially if is is just for doing your ordinary tasks which you would do anyway. You may think its dodgy, but over the last few years I have managed to accumulate just over £200 (I don’t shop much online) from buying stuff which I was going to buy anyway. The only difference I clicked on a link just before making my purchase.

My accumulated cashback over the past few years.

There are two schemes I use:

Both of these programmes give competitive cashback rates. The way they work (the last time I checked anyway) is that they get commission for the purchases you make by going through their website.

Instead of keeping these commissions, they give the commission to you. Quidco has Premium membership option where they retain £5 per year from your cashback.

This premium membership gives you various advantages such as quicker cashback as opposed the Standard membership which sometimes take much longer.

I have seen people getting close to £1000 in under a year – of course they probably shop way often than I do!

Also you don’t need to accumulate large threshold before cashing out, I think for Quidco its as little as £5. Sometimes you can make between £70 and £100 from just signing a successful phone contract.