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How to permanently delete photos from your iPhone 5S (iOS 8) and free up space

Few days ago I’ve got an alert from my phone saying that my storage is full and that I should manage my settings. When I navigated to the Usage settings under Settings > General > Usage Under Storage > Manage Storage  > Photos and Camera it says that the Photo Library uses storage in excess of 3.6GB although I had only 76 photos and few videos worth about 70-80MB. There was no way these media were taking so much space so I went to the Recently Deleted folder which had a about few photos that were deleted recently but in no way was taking up the 3.6GB that the settings was indicating.

I deleted the few images on the Recently Deleted folder permanently which freed up few megabytes of space on the phone but still not the 3.6GB. Then I remembered that a month ago I deleted about 1500 images which went to the Recently Deleted folder and indicated days that would take to delete these images, by this time these images had been automatically ‘deleted’. Or at least there was no trace of their existence on the phone or when I connected to a PC.  But these ‘deleted’ images took up a lot of space on the phone.

So I changed the time to reflect a month in the past when the images would have been still in the Recently Deleted folder which they were and then I selected all the images and clicked to  permanently delete them.  I went to the Usage option under settings and it showed that the 3.6GB storage space was now freed up.

If you have any problems, please let us know and we can see how it can be solved.

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