How to sell domains

Find valuable domain

Finding an available top level domain have become harder these days than it was in the past, especially a valuable domain. Most people have registered the .com domains during the dot com boom early in the 2000s.

However this isn’t entirely the case, domain organisations have released huge amount of new domains for people to register. You could find any domain with any endings you wish such as or

Appraise the domain

If you have a good skill in knowing that a domain is valuable that’ll come very handy in determining which domain to buy. Ideally you want to buy a short, catchy TLD (top level domain).

If you want to see an estimated algorithm determined value of a domain, you could use estibot. Remember this is estimated based on past sales and may not represent the real value of your domain which could be more/less.

Where to sell your domain

  • eBay
  • Afternic
  • Flippa