Game of Thrones Characters we Love but Hate

1 King Joffrey Baratheon

Game of thrones characters we love but hate

This pompous creature is not some crooked timeworn man or even a hell-bent vengeful woman but a hormonal, pre-pubescent little teenager playing ruthless dictator. Although every sight of him makes us want to knock him right between the eyes there is that little spark, possibly just the reflection from his stupid crossbow, but nevertheless a little spark which keeps us hooked like fish, constantly awaiting the next ‘selfless’ act that the King will perform. Whether that’s publically beating Sansa Stark or decreeing the slaughter of King Roberts’s bastard children or possibly even some painful prostitute violence. Subsequently after Sana’s dire wolf was murdered along with Arya’s friend, a new found hate festered for the little blonde bastard* and after battles, executions and beatings, Joffrey finally reaped the rewards he so desperately deserved. A most gruesome and yet timely death. In this search for the Game of thrones characters we love but hate, I was clear Joffrey Baratheon would make it to number 1.

*(literal bastard, a child born out of wedlock)

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