Top 5 Online Photo editing sites

Top 5 Online Photo Editing Sites of 2014

I am not the type of person that typically needs to edit a photo so other than the pre-installed editors, I don’t really have any powerful photo editors at my fingertips and on those off chances I do need to edit a photo, I don’t have the time to download and learn to use those complex photo editors like Photoshop. In these moments, the hundred of free online photo editors that you can find all over the internet come in handy. From the simplest of editors to the most complex things you have ever seen, you can find editors of practically every level of ability. So after searching through the internet, I have compiled here my top 5 online photo editors in no specific order. I have decided to compile only 5 because gathering any more is useless when you have the best 5 readily available to you, so without any further ado, I give you my top 5 online photo editing sites.


1 Autodesk Pixlr is by far definitely my favorite online photo editor. It offers a huge range of functionality, more than you would expect from just looking at the landing page. I say one editor, but the site actually consists of 3 different editors: The Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and The Pixlr O-matic.

The Pixlr Editor is a very simple editor with all the basic tools such as text, eraser, crop tools, etc. It is extremely not basic but is simple enough that anyone could be a pro after a few minutes of messing around.

The Pixlr express adds extra to the functionality of the Pixlr Editor, and is used to add extra touches to the picture such as effects, borders, stickers and a large range of adjustment tools ranging from blur, sharpen, smooth, liquify, airbrush and quite a few more.

Finally, the Pixlr O-matic is the simplest of them all and is used to add the finishing touches such as choosing a hue and trust me, they have a very big range.


2 Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe, being a multinational computer software company you would expect a good, high quality, polished piece of software. And that is exactly what they delivered. The Photoshop Express Editor is a neat piece of software which provides you with many tools such as the basic crop, resize, rotate and text with various complex adjustments including white balance and highlight.

I prefer the layout to the Pixlr Editor over the Photoshop Express Editor as I think the idea of separating the editing process into 3 distinct sections was clever, although I do agree that the Adobe product looks slightly more professional.

3 Picadolo

Picadilo is another great, free photo editor like the two above and contains all the basic editing tools. Picadilo however, contains a lot more effects, probably the most I have seen in a photo editor so far, and they are all of very good quality. What didn’t really sell it to me was that the layout didn’t look as pleasing as the Photoshop Express Editor did, but it still nonetheless a great editor.

4 iPiccy

The reason I picked iPiccy was mainly due to one feature it had that I really liked, one the others did not have.  The feature I am talking about is the Retouch feature which allows to add and change various small details on the face, such as eye color, blemishes, teeth whitener, hair color changer, etc, making this the perfect app to create your perfect selfie, or edit your photo album pictures. No more bad face days!

Other than the Retouch feature, the editor once again consists of all the basic tools and such, but unless you are specifically perfecting a person’s face, then you would be better off using either Pixlr or the Adobe Photoshop Express Editor.


5 PicMonkey

PicMonkey is kind of like an all rounder. The UI is great, it has a bit of everything and all in all its a fantastic photo editor. The only problem I see with it is that it is not 100% free, you can use it for free if you want to but you will only be able to access part of the full functionality. To get the full hoard of primo effects, fonts, overlays, and textures you need to pay a small fee, it is a rather small fee, but it is still a small dent in your wallet.

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  • Enrique

    An alternative for photo editing is it has some cool effects and a photo combiner

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