Top Five Android Apps of all time

I thought it would be a good idea to give you a perception about the top five Android apps of all time. I am going to place them in order that I believe is best, but of course you will have your own rankings.

1. Sky Go – A super amazing app that keeps you going with your favourite shows even though your away from your Sky Set-top box. The app has been downloaded around 1-5 million times. Requires 2.2v of the Android OS.

sky go

2. Google Currents – this is for those of you who like read about the latest development around the world. Currently supporting Android 2.2 and up. With more than 10-50 million installations since its release you will not be disappointed. Alternatives include Flip Board, and Pulse and Pocket.


3. Kingston Office – whether you are an office employee or not, Kingston Office is easy and simple to use with support for Cloud based computing. You can upload, edit, create and download documents, presentations and spreadsheet.

kinston office

4. Pudding Camera – the ultimate alternative to the standard camera application offered in most of the Android devices. The application has various filters which are usable immediately while taking pictures.


5. Sleep Time – I don’t exactly know how accurate this is but it seems to be providing some idea on my sleeping patterns. If you want to know how long you spend awake,in light sleep and in deep sleep then this the app for you.


Tell us your favourite apps in the comments section.

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