5 Reasons You Should Watch Attack on Titan

When Attack On Titan first came out every one of my anime obsessed friends were practically begging for me to watch it. But me being the procrastinating neglectful person I am waited nearly a year before I even bothered with the first episode.

And I’m so, so glad I did.

This anime is the most engrossing, addictive, binge-watch worthy thing I’ve seen in a long time. So good that I’m giving up a few hours of my life to tell you why I think you should watch it. Okay here we go.

1 The Plot

So you’ve got your typical post apocalyptic zombie like experience. Only the ‘zombies’ are twenty feet tall giants with a need to kill humans, the remaining population have very basic weapon technology against some of the hardest things to destroy since Voldemort and everyone’s caged in a series of barriers built to protect themselves from the ‘Titans’ (what the giants are called). And that’s not even mentioning the corrupt government, a new species of intelligent Titans and how completely and utterly outnumbered they really are. Yeah, this show has a lot ​going for it and that’s really just the basis of where everything starts. AOT delves into the story and adds plenty more plot twists, cliffhangers and general knowledge from its universe to make for a ridiculously addictive watch. It’s hard to properly explain how awesome it is without spoilers so I’ll just say this. The first episode is…intense. If you’re not sitting there with wide eyes thinking what did I just watch? And dying to know what happens next I’d be very, very surprised.

2 The Animation

As a relatively new anime in a reasonably high tech world you can expect the designs and overall look of this show to be pretty good. It might be a personal preference but I was really impressed with this style of art. I’d go as far to say AOT is worth watching for the artwork alone. I loved how there were bold outlines on the characters that made them more distinguished. The design of the Titans was great and gave it an extra horror factor. Even the gore and blood was handled quite well and that’s saying something considering how much of it is in this story. The angles, the architecture, the characters. I just loved it all.


3 The Action

Generally, I’m more interested in character development and dialogue scenes than action. Honestly, in most movies I find the climax the most boring part just because I’m not really into weapons and violence. Of course there are exceptions like Avengers Assemble and some Game of Thrones sequences…and now AOT. Seriously the action in this became some of my favourite scenes because of the fast pace and uniqueness of it all. I won’t give anything away but the way they fight these giants is really cool to watch and it’s even better later on when you add strategy to it.


4 The Characters

This is a big one. I think the way these characters were written was incredibly well done. You have your cliché’s like the geeky best friend and the douche bag that becomes good but they had so much depth to them they ended up being some of my favourite characters. I could think of at least a dozen, if not more memorable people, the main characters especially and for a twenty five episode anime I think that’s pretty good.


5 The ‘Feels’

If you didn’t get it already I’m talking about the emotional scenes. I left this for last because it’s what hits you the hardest. In the beginning the desperation and fear shown is shocking and I just kept thinking they are all going to die. A few scenes are downright depressing at times and that’s not a bad thing. Some of the best post apocalyptic thrillers fail to show characters giving up. In the real world there are people with more determination to survive than others. I just felt it made it more realistic. It’s sad but it gives layers to the story and makes it all the more gripping.


So I hope you give this show a shot. Even if you’re not really into anime I’m sure you’d still love it, Game of Thrones fans especially. I got so into it I watched it all in under a day and with the English dubs nearly done it’s the perfect time to see it. The controversial ideas, unique plot and artwork puts this anime up as one of my favourite series at the minute and I cannot wait for season two!

Thumbnail image by BagoGames | CC BY 2.0

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