A complete must-read post-release review of Blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10, a super enhanced operating system, has just been released in the U.K. The shelves have been stocked with the product just days after it was launched with a massive event in New York. We believe this is the turning point for BlackBerry, although it has a reasonable market in the UK, however, lacks a sever interest in the U.S – this could be the reason why it released the product in the U.K ahead of both America and its home market, Canada.

We investigate how the new product will compete against it’s main rival markets, namely, Android and Apple’s iOS with their newly developed/improved features:

BlackBerry Hub

A unique piece of feature that allows users to peek in to their primary activities such as messages and conversations, effortlessly with just a swipe. From my observations I believe the feature is quite smooth and offers a superior multi-tasking framework. However, similar features can be found in the recently updated Android v4.2 Jellybean. The takings here is, if you are a fan of BlackBerry who enjoys smooth multi-tasking and do not wish to switch to a alien operating system, then Blackberry 10 maybe the solution.

BlackBerry Keyboard 

Although the touchscreen keyboard is another catch-up for BlackBerry, it has more than little improvements on it. Not only does it learn your typing style through the use of advanced algorithms – like many other modern smartphone systems, it is also a brush-up from conventional (physically present – tangible) BlackBerry keyboards which has a huge fan base.

Face-to-face BBM

Described by BlackBerry has the ‘ultimate BBM experience’ featuring all the latest stuff that a modern operating system should have with added goodness of  BlackBerry ‘flavors’.  The feature enables users to chat and message through one-to-one or group interfaces. Messaging service has also been improved by adding extra notification capabilities such as  always allowing the user to know when a message has been delivered so as to not leave the sender to think “has my message been read?”.

In addition, the feature allows the user to use the rear camera for video-conferencing (a feature that is not common with the rest of OS developers). The feature also includes Screen Share which facilitates the user to share photos, web browser sessions and business documents.

BlackBerry Tag (NFC) 

BlackBerry has fully renovated their instant sharing facilities. Users can now share photos, documents, contact details or even add someone to BBM just through tapping their BlackBerry device with another NFC BlackBerry. This has already been championed by Samsung at the release of their Galaxy S III device, but those who are not looking to convert to Android or iOS in the near future this newly introduced feature will mean a lot to them.

Better Integrated Social Networking Facilities 

Tweets, wall posts, tags, friend requests can now all be accessed from the easy-to-access BlackBerry Hub.  The amazing thing about this social networking facility is that users have all of their messages and conversations neatly positioned in one place – just as though it was a mail-box, except it has everything you need in there.

Play On… 

BlackBerry 10 supports the sharing of music, video, photos and documents on HDTV or any other DLNA connected devices. They can be easily connected wirelessly just follow the instructions on the link below:  http://demos.blackberry.com/blackberry-z10/na/us/gen/how-to/your-blackberry-z10-smartphone/connections/hdmi/index.html

Business features 

The amazing thing about the BlackBerry 10 is the separation of personal apps and business apps, this makes it very convenient to customers who use BlackBerry devices as an assistant to their work. This intelligent design can be compared to the ‘Apps’ and ‘Widget’ separation on the Android devices. Furthermore, BlackBerry 10 kept business people in mind when they developed the software, because the system offers unique data separation facility. When the user goes to work the device goes to work as well, except it leaves all the private (personal) data behind making it very easy for receiving and sending data without involving personal details. BlackBerry calls this feature BlackBerry Balance – I say it is quite a balance.

Documents To Go

Featuring Microsoft’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it allows users to view, edit and create files on the go, this can all be done with out the need for carrying your laptop.

Intelligent calender

As a I kid, I always liked when books and diaries included important dates at the bottom of the page – too bad I can’t carry these books and diaries everywhere (Sorry, terrible example – but you get the point). BlackBerry’s Intelligent calender neatly collects all of your important dates together and puts them under the calender of each month just like how the diaries and the books used to do it.

BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World is improved along with the rest of the operating system and therefore I believe it deserves a separate review.


Not everybody falls in love at the first sight: it may take some time for Android or iOS lovers to convert to BlackBerry 10. Maybe when the product is sold in mass numbers and the trend hits the culture, it may be easier for people to convert. Whether BlackBerry will succeed or be completely disqualified from the game – only time will tell.



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