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AKG K450 Headphone Review


The AKG K450 are a new pair of headphones created and engineered by AKG Acoustics. AKG is owned by the famous Harman International industries or Harman Kardon for short. It lives up to the high expectations of HK by trying to produce a range of headphones that infuse the latest sound technologies in order to a produce crisp, clear sound. The AKG K450’s are no exception!

In Depth

The AKG k450’s perfectly fit the modern trend for light, portable headphones that also look stylish to use on the go. Their light body and easy folding mechanism makes them adapted to the ‘on the go’ style of listening to music. The over ear design and soft cushions make them very conformable. This design also helps to stop sound from leaking. However, as portable and stylish as they may be, the AKG K450’s are largely known for their crisp and detailed sound. The excellent sound production of the AKG K450’s can further be enhanced by allowing them to burn in (continuing use) for 20-30 hours. This only adds to the already exceptional sound quality. The new 30mm bass driver adds a powerful side to the sound. The bass is not only deep but clear making it easily noticeable. The AKG K450 has a balanced yet rich sound, this helps to make the treble clean. Especially as these headphones have a frequency range of 11,0000hz to nearly 30,000khz, (the wider the range the more different types of music it can handle) and a sensitivity of 126 dB. These figures show the headphones ability to perform in all areas (highs, mids and lows).

The AKG K450 headphones come with two cords, and have the ability to wirelessly connect to a phone via Bluetooth. Although a separate adapter will have to be brought through AKG for wireless use. Using the AKG K450’s for gaming or watching a movie also comes as a great joy because they let your hear what the director intended for you to hear. Every sound is distinct , nothing is muffled; making the AKG K450’s excel in this area. It also comes with a carry case which is a plus for travellers. The case is both strong and robust and performs good protection.

The build quality although still good, does not match the superb sound quality. A lot of the headphones body is constructed from plastic. This adds a cheap feel to some parts of the body. Although, the headphone cushions are of a very high build quality. This mix of quality and feel stops the AKG K450’s build being on par with its high-quality sound. Some people have complained about the quality of the cord, but we experienced no problems.

The AKG K450’s price has reduced from £150 to £50, this is a great deal, especially for a quality product.


  • Crisp Sound with good bass and treble
  • compact and light excellent for portability
  • Looks good
  • Very good price
  • Feels comfortable
  • Sound does not leak


  • Moderate build quality
  • Some may find the looks a bit cheap
  • Not very robust
  • Noise cancelling is not very good


For the sound quality and price these headphones are a must buy, they will not be disappointing. The build is a bit flimsy but still tough enough for most users. For £50 there is not a lot that can beat these in terms of sound quality and style. Of course there will be better headphones for quadruple the price but you must assess, are they worth it? The AKG K450’s present the best possible package for your money.

Other alternatives may include:

Sony MDRXB500

Sennheiser Hd 215

Philips SHL5605BK

Please feel free to discuss and comment in the comment section below.

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