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British Youtube Pranksters Worth Following

Figures correct as of 2014.

YouTube is a wonderful mass of videos of all kinds but among the various topics, there is one that definitely shines among them all. Pranking. There are hundreds if not thousands of YouTube pranksters out there that everyday could be considered April Fools. Here I have compiled 10 of my favorite and most popular YouTube Pranksters.

1 DMPranksProductions

DMPranksProductions is definitely THE BEST scare pranks channel on YouTube. You will not find any other scare pranks channel that is consistently as good as this. For a taster, watch the video above an you will see what I mean.

Subscribers: 2,290,480

2 Vitalyzdtv

The legend himself, Vitalyzdtv. The one and only prankster to ever streak the finals in the 2014 World Cup. Famous for his Gold Digger and Russian Hitman pranks, he is one of the most subscribed prank channels on YoutTube. But being a scare Prank lover I have put his Friday The 13th Prank on here.

Subscribers: 7,255,833

3 RomanAtwood

Roman Atwood is probably another example of a hilarious prankster, although not all his pranks are funny there are several gems in there. He is definitely worth checking out.

Subscribers: 4,505,529

4 Ownage Pranks

The YouTube King of Pranks calls. If no other prankster can make you laugh, or even smile, Ownage Prank’s prank calls definitely will. What makes him stand out from any other mediocre prank caller is that he can imitate several different accents enabling him to be more than one person.

Subscribers: 2,590,370

5 Stuart Edge

Not only is Stuart Edge a great YouTube prankster, but is also a great magician and a decent singer. His Pranks and deeds never cease to put a smile on my face.

Subscribers: 2,144,570

6 Jack Vale

Jack Vale is another great YouTube prankster, famous for his pooter pranks where he uses a small handheld contraption which simulates the “farting noise” and pretends to fart on people. My favorite Jack Vale prank would have to be his Outrageous Siri Requests prank, which I have conveniently left atop here.

Subscribers: 1,182,029

7 Magic of Rahat

It’s hard to separate the concepts of magic and pranks when it comes to Magic of Rahat. Many of his pranks containing a theme of magic, he has gained a good sum of subscribers from drive thru pranks done in practically every fast food place you could think of.

Subscribers: 3,567,869


I can guarantee that most of LAWHF’s pranks will leave you feeling extremely awkward. It seems to me that the owner of this channel has the ability to keep a straight face in any kind of situation making the pranks just that much more awkward for you and the the person being pranked.

Subscribers: 1,658,133

9 Improv Everwhere

A large of crowd of people go into a shop dressed as the employees evidently annoying them. A great watch. Improv Everywhere is a different kind of prank channel which integrates a lot of the public which I think is really cool.

Subscribers: 1,721,938

10 Overboardhumor

Overboardhumor, though not a complete prank channel, still contains very high quality videos which will definitely make you laugh at points. It is definitely worth the watch.

Subscribers: 1,197,910

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British Youtube Pranksters Worth Following

Figures correct as of 2014. YouTube is a wonderful mass of videos of all kinds but among the various topics, there is one that definitely shines...

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