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Could PS4 Stream Games?

New reports suggests that the PS4 will be able to stream games directly to the console. Although these are only rumours, with the purchase of Gaikai, a cloud based gaming service,  Sony have been hinting towards a streaming potential for its next generation console.  Now new sources  from the Wall street journal have again added strength to this rumour, so we can be assured that there will be some sort of streaming capability added to the PS4. If Sony does add streaming capability to the PS4, this may compensate for the removal of backwards capability. With the gaming industry turning towards streaming in any case, Sony’s move to purchase Gaikia in 2012 was a smart one; and one that will provide them with the streaming technology which will have the potential to beat the competition.

Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang spoke to the Wall Street Journal regarding streaming games; “It’s instant-on and you can play it about anywhere on any device; it will make for a much larger gaming industry.”

However, some gamers fear that this may mean that the graphics and flow of the games may rely more on the speed of their internet connection rather than the actually console itself. Could Sony’s new streaming technology be able to change this? We will have to wait and see. Sony are planning to hold an event on the 20th February in which they will showcase the new PS4 as well as their new streaming technology.

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