Don’t judge the book by its cover

Dear Author,

Everyday you splash the ink of your pen upon the pages of my inanimate self. Today hours have passed and it still seems that you haven’t come up with anything to entertain my pages. I wait and wait but there is no sign of your pen, then I decide to flick the pages from the beginning and read all the moments we had together. Moments where you shared the stories of happiness like the time when you met Zahara and wrote about all those hours you stayed awake at night talking to her, and the sad stories like the time when you left your home, the exciting ones where you were accepted at a university, the courageous moments where you stood your ground when bullied, the adventurous moments when you cooked a goat for a village. Well, I think it is safe to say that amongst all the men and jinn I know you more than anybody else and taking this into consideration I won’t be doing justice if I said that these were your happiest and saddest moments. Your difficult moments are those that are read beyond the words on these pages, you don’t even narrate them to your most trustworthy companions lest it sends you into a fit.

Having waited for several hours past the expected time, I thought you would appreciate it if I made an entry. I will wait till tomorrow to find the reason for your absence on these pages today. It could be that you don’t find any pleasure in entertaining these pages; it could be that you have constraints and limitations in your time these days as you’ve explained last week. I could go on making meaningless guesses which will be of no avail.

Through reading all of the past entries on these pages  I’ve learnt a lot of interesting and often jaw-dropping principles and ideas for which my admiration for your writing increases day by day.

I understand a lot of your writing talks about justice, treating others well and considered judgements. So I thought it would be a good idea to title the entry as “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – a well known saying and for this matter its convenient.

People tend to judge people because they think they know them, however one thing they forget though is the fact that people are more different than they think and they also share more things than people think. Often we don’t want to find out about people because we fear what we don’t know.

Dear author, I hope you don’t mind me making an entry in to your diary and thereby conclude this entry by saying “We should give people a chance to demonstrate who they are before we make a judgement about their character”.