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Game Of Thrones – Background Info

Arguably the best show on television at present. Yes, you’ve probably guessed correctly, it’s the fantastic Game of Thrones. Based upon the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin, Game of thrones is an American fantasy, drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, alongside various other writers, for HBO. Each season shadows the story line of one or possibly two of the novels within the series. The tone of this introduction is probably suggestive of the eternal love I hold for the show and the fantasy world that encompasses it. Boldly daring to go where others have not, Game of Thrones isn’t just a television series but its very own unquestionable universe. Over the next few weeks brand new countdowns and Game of Thrones related articles will be added. From the many houses within Westeros, characters/actors, flags and banner men to specific house features, magical abilities, weapons and quotes.

Before we can begin counting anything down from 10 to 1 we must first indulge in some much needed context. A Game of Thrones Context:

Westeros- Also known as ‘The Seven Kingdoms’, Westeros is a large continent situated on the far west hand side of the known world. Most of the movements within Game of Thrones take place in this part of the world. According to George R.R Martin, Westeros would be around the same size of South America. (Just to help you visualize it).

The Seven Kingdoms are distributed into nine regions, seven of which were once independent kingdoms before Aegon Targaryen Conquered Westeros. Seven regions are ruled by a House, who in turn are commanded by the King on the Iron Throne. Only the Wilding territories (free people whom reside beyond the wall with the ability to do as they please) remain un-owned. The crown lands belong to the appointed King and generally his family.

Top 9 Houses Not a countdown, Just a Context

House Hair Eyes Other
  • Baratheon
Black Blue Square Jaws
  • Bolton
Black Ghostly Grey. N/A
  • Lannister
Curly Blonde Green N/A
  • Lannister of Lannisport
Straight blonde Green N/A
  • Martell
Dark Dark Olive Skin
  • Stark
Black Grey N/A
  • Targaryen
Platinum Blonde. Silver Purple or Bright Blue Classic Valyrian Pale Skin
  • Tully
Auburn Blue N/A

Although all the houses are very much powerful and wealthy they must all follow rule under the king. Said King resides in The Crownlands, this is ruled by a member of the houses. Throughout this series, the Kingdoms are ruled by house Baratheon*. As the plot develops you will come to understand the importance of these houses and the relationships between them. As the weeks develop you will gain a greater understanding for the houses themselves including; locations, history, members, dress and family trees.

*Events change due to plot twists and new information. I cannot possibly reveal such important information without ruining the season 1 and the basis for the impending seasons.

The last important jigsaw piece of context are the features and traits which mark some of the houses. Although at current it seems insignificant later on it will be of the upmost importance. Some Houses have distinct physical traits which are passed down through the generations. Although there isn’t an understanding of ‘genetics’ there is an awareness that Dark eyes tends to be a dominant trait over blue eyes.

Let the Game of Thrones Top 10s commence!

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