Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop

I recently spoke to a friend who wished to buy a gaming PC. However he insisted that he wanted a gaming laptop and not a desktop PC, people who prefer gaming laptops to desktops are now more common. So which is really better and what are the pros and cons of both laptops and desktops.







Gaming Desktop

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The desktop “powerhouse”. The key feature that distinguishes gaming desktops from laptops is clearly size. The desktop’s larger size allows it to be more powerful by housing larger components i.e. larger power supplies and graphic cards; they also have enough space for SLI or crossfire setup. In addition to this, desktops can generate less heat due to having more heat sinks, cooling fans and they can support liquid cooling systems unlike most laptops. Furthermore it is much easier to customise and upgrade components in a desktop than compared to a laptop. However Desktops consume much more energy and take up more space than laptops. Another disadvantage is that most people who buy expensive gaming desktops buy the screen, mouse and key board separately while with the laptop it comes standard, although I personally prefer a mouse to a touch pad. In my opinion the greatest advantage of desktops over laptops is the price, desktops components are not only cheaper but some components are even more powerful such as the graphics cards. An equivalent priced desktop will in most cases always be considerably more powerful than the same priced laptop.


Pros of Desktop

  • Generally more powerful
  • Costs less for better components
  • Greater ability to customize and upgrade components
  •  Can house components which laptops cannot e.g. multiple graphics cards, more hard-drives, larger fans and heat-sinks and more DVD and blue-ray drives etc.

Cons of Desktop

  • Consumes more energy (though this depends on the laptop in comparison)
  • Takes up more space
  • Have to buy key board, mouse and screen separately.
  • Not portable



Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptop jpeg

Compact, elegant and portable…..well, maybe more so than a gaming desktop but gaming laptops are not really the most portable devices on the market, this is due to the large screens and large components. Unlike desktops; laptops are much smaller thus easier to carry, store and take up much less space, ideal for someone who does not have room for a full fledged gaming desktop. However laptops cannot support the same high end components and the components that they do support are always less powerful when compared to the desktop equivalent. Nevertheless, gaming laptops arrive with all the needed components, key board, screen, speakers and a mouse (well touch pad). The best gaming laptops come with some of the best screens, some features included in these high end screens are as follows: 3D compatibility, high contrast, beyond HD etc. In contrast, desktop users have to buy such screens separately. Finally having a laptop means one corner of your room is not tangled in wires since only one wire is needed to recharge the laptop.


Pros of Laptop

  • Easier to store and takes less space
  • Consumes less energy (though depends on laptop)
  • Good laptops come with excellent screens and speakers
  • Much less wires needed
  • Portable


Cons of Laptop

  • Components like graphic cards cost more money and are less powerful
  • Generally produce more heat
  • Not as customisable
  • Harder to upgrade
  • Some may not like the lower profile keys
  • Less USB connection
  • Cannot get as large sized screens when compared to a desktop


So which is better, well that is based on one’s personal preference. However I believe despite all the pros of the laptop the desktop is better. But how far have laptops come since they were first developed; arguably they have developed more in a shorter period of time than desktops. So who knows maybe we will be seeing laptops as powerful as desktops in the near future. When that happens I may have to rethink my position on this however for now I am going to stick with desktops for gaming.


Feel free to discuss and comment in the comment section below.

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