First PS4 Titles Revealed

As well as showcasing the new PS4, a handful of games were also shown, a few of them include:

Killzone Shadow Fall



Killzone Shadow fall looks amazing from first impressions; the graphics were great (like normal) and the action was very intense.



Driverclub also had brilliant graphics.

Infamous Second Son

second son

The trailer showed for Infamous Second Son has made us thirsty for more.

The Witness

the witness


The witness, an open world game focused on puzzles, what more could you want, it looks fantastic.


watch dog

The highly anticipated Watchdog is truly going to be one the best action packed games this year.


Bungie have also joined the play station universe. They are currently developing a game for the PS4 called Destiny, a massive online game and also Bungie’s “next great FPS”. More details on Destiny will be revealed in the coming months, but from first glimpse  it looks amazing.

These were just a few of the games showcased. Stay tuned for More.




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