Windows 7 Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts

When Microsoft created Windows 7 they had one goal. That goal was to make an operating system that was easy to use. Microsoft achieved this goal by adding a ton of new keyboard shortcuts.

Unfortunately when Windows 7 was released Microsoft forgot to tell the users what some of the keyboard shortcuts were.

Quick Toggles

To access windows Quick Toggles (also called Windows Mobility Center) simply press the windows key and X key at the same time.


The toggles will differ from computer to computer but as you can see from the screen shot, my computer offers me the option to adjust the display brightness and volume. I can also change the mode of the battery and enable and disable my WI-FI.

Windows Search

To access Windows Search  press the windows key and the F key together.


Search a document or webpage

To search a document or webpage simply press the Ctrl key and the F key together.


Quick Lock

To lock the computer Simpy press the windows key and the L key together.

Full screen

To enter full screen just press the F11 key. To exit full screen  press F11 again.

Search Box

To move the cursor to the search box  press the F3 button. In some applications the F3 button opens the search window.

Ease of Access Center

To open Ease of Access Center press the windows key and the U key together.


File and Folder Rename

To rename a file or folder just select the item and press the F2 button.




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  • John Davies

    didn’t know about half these shortcuts, helped me a lot thanks 🙂

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    Thanks for the list! Each time I press CTRL+U it opens the task manager, so it might be a shortcut as well.

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