How to deactivate Windows 8 and install Windows 7, Vista or Xp

If you buy an new computer or laptop the chances are that it will ship with windows 8.

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s new operation system that is designed for touchscreens devices. However most new computers and laptops do not have a touch screen making windows 8 hard to use.

While we fully test and stand by our advice, there is still the potential for problems when making any configuration changes. Please be careful. We cannot be held responsible for any damage done by flowing the instructions.


Why should I deactivate Windows 8 and not just remove Windows 8?

You should deactivate Windows 8 before installing an new operating system because if you want to install windows 8 in the future you will not need to buy a new licence as your old licence will not be active.

In this guide I will show you how to deactivate Windows 8 and install Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Please make an back up before downgrading.

Create a recovery drive that contains a copy of your new PC’s recovery partition. This will allow you to restore the original Windows 8 system if you wipe the recovery partition.

recovery drive infomation is from howtogeek

Deactivate Windows 8

Step 1: Press Windows key + X.

Step 2: Click Comman Prompt (Admin).

Step 3: At the command prompt, type: slmgr.vbs -upk

Step 4: Hit Enter, this will deactivate Windows 8 from the computer.

Install Windows 7, Vista or XP

Step 1: load up windows 8

Step 2: Click on Settings, Change PC Settings, General, Advanced Start Up.

On the next screen select Troubleshoot, Advanced Options, UEFI Firmware Settings

Step 3: Change the UEFI Firmware to Downgrade.

Step 4: Place the Windows 7, Vista or XP disk in the cd drive and restart the computer.

Step 5: Install Windows 7,Vista or XP like you normally would.




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