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How to install Blender Animation Software

We've put together this installation guide for anyone to follow, whether technical or not.

Blender is a free 3D modelling and animation suite. It can be used to create animated movies, 3D printed models, video games or even just amazing artwork. Although it is a free software, it is in no way any inferior to any other software out there.

Today we are going to show you how to install and set-up Blender Animation Software. Installing Blender Animation Software is very simple and easy which anyone can go ahead and do.

Blender is supported in most operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux. We’ve put together this installation guide for anyone to follow, whether technical or not.

Download installation file

Head over to https://www.blender.org/download/ and download the software to your PC.

Open the download folder

Once you’ve downloaded the file, now open the folder containing the installation file. Double Click the file to open and run the setup.

Step through the installation wizard

The installation wizard will guide you through each of the steps and let you select your preferences. Once you’ve selected each of the option and reviewed and agreed the T&C, the software should install automatically.

Once installed, locate the software in your system and open and use.

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