How to Stream Movies onto your TV

We live in a world where on demand TV is the norm. But some of us don’t have very expensive on-demand TV boxes or aren’t willing to pay for on-demand channels. Some of us would like to watch Youtube on the big screen. Since you are here I have few options for you if you want to take all the control into your hand (literally!).

There are two most common options available (and they are pretty affordable):


A revolutionary device engineered by Google which comes in a form of a small dongle. It allows you to ‘cast’ internet-streamed content on to your TV via your smartphone (both iPhones and Androids).  Your TV will need to be HDMI enabled or have a HDMI port where the device will be connected.
The device has a very large library of supported apps some of which Google has built themselves. Dozens of third parties have also added support for the device in recent years (including Sky’s NowTV and Netflix). The device is very simple to set-up and most apps will know if a Chromecast is nearby and will display the icon belowicon (which if you press will intiate streaming of content to the TV/Monitor your Chromecast is connected to).  There is a tone of things you can do with the Chromecast and we will be covering some of those topics soon.


This device is also produced by another giant: Amazon. It works pretty similar to how Chromecast works, however it has 8GB of storage and also has support for Bluetooth. The FireStick also comes with a TV remote to control playback. Recently Amazon has released an updated version with support for Alexa Voice. This functionality allows you to talk to your device to control the FireStick. We will cover more of Alexa Voice in another article.


Amazon has plenty of other product in these line with various names such as Echo and Echo Dot which all support the Alexa natural speech processing technology. The FireStick has the added benefit of supporting the Amazon Prime Video service which is offered free of charge for Amazon Prime members. The service provides a large list of movies and TV series to include Outlander and Ripper Street. Amazon continuously updates this list and one of my favorite is the History Channel’s hit show ‘Vikings’.

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