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5 Reasons Why the iPhone 6 Hasn’t Lived Up to Expectations

On the 9th of September, Apple announced their brand new flagship device: the iPhone 6. With this new iPhone, they also announced another new smartphone: the iPhone 6 Plus, but in this post I will just be discussing the 4.7” iPhone 6. It comes shipped with an HD 1334 x 750 resolution display, a new iSight 8mp camera and their new A8 processor, now with twice the amount of transistors as their previous generation processor, the A7. However, many may consider the specs of this new device to be less than adequate and here’s why:

1 The Battery Capacity

The battery of the iPhone 5S was quite a mediocre one, being a 1560mah Li-Ion battery, not impressing too greatly. Now, Apple haven’t really increased that battery by much as it is said to only have a 1800mah battery which will be quite unexceptional. Although, the new A8 processor is said to improve the battery life of the new flagship, Apple can’t keep up in the race for the best phone of the year if they keep including a battery that is this minor, especially with big Android companies such as Samsung, Sony and LG throwing enormous 3000+mah batteries into their flagships.

2 The Screen

Of all the specs of the new Apple touchscreen, the screen is one of the most disappointing. A 1334 x 750 screen resolution isn’t going to be impressing anyone when there are phones like the LG G3 and the soon to come Samsung Galaxy Note 4 packing an incredible 2K screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. This less than impressive screen means the flagship only has a ppi (pixels per inch) of 326 whilst the G3 has a 536ppi meaning the G3 has over 200ppi more than the iPhone 6.

3 No Sapphire Glass

One of the most exciting specs rumoured for the iPhone 6 was the sapphire glass and days before Apple announced their new phone, they looked certain to be including this incredibly strong new glass as they invested in a company to supply it, but after the launch, many fans were left pondering over why Apple hadn’t included sapphire glass for the screen. For those of you wondering what sapphire glass is, it is not actually glass, as it is synthetic sapphire that was first invented by a French chemist in 1902. To show how strong it is, on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, it is ranked at 9th place, level with Titanium Carbide where Diamond (strongest known mineral) is ranked 10th. If Apple had included sapphire glass in the screen of their new flagship, it would have been a revolution to the world of technology.

4 The Camera

While Apple is known for preferring quality of the cameras in comparison to packing as many pixels as possible into it (just as HTC did for the HTC One M8), but as smartphone cameras are improving by every model with Sony and their 20.7mp cameras, Samsung with their 16mp cameras and LG and the 13mp camera of the G3, Apple is falling behind more and more, even more so now that they are only including an 8mp camera in the iPhone 6. If they want more people to purchase their smartphones, they need to improve the pixels of their cameras, and the matter is made even worse for them as they still include Digital Image Stabilisation whilst many flagships nowadays are packing the new Optical Image Stabilisation. It is a start to have it in their new iPhone 6 Plus, however, personally I think that few people will want to jump from their small 4” screen iPhone 5S to the phablet 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus.

5 The Price!

The biggest and most important part of why Apple are now losing against Android is the enormous price of their smartphones. Many Android smartphones are having their prices go lower and lower: from the Nexus 5 in Google’s impressive Nexus series, to the new OnePlus One for only £230 for the 16gb model. Some may have been expecting Apple to drop their prices to lure more customers into buying their phones, but instead they have increased their prices even further with the iPhone 6 ranging from £540 to £699 and the iPhone 6 Plus ranging from £620 to a whopping £789. Apple should seriously consider lowering their prices quite dramatically if they want to gain more money than successful Android companies such as Samsung.

Thumbnail image by Kelvinsong | CC BY 3.0

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