LG G3 Review

The LG G2 was really an excellent smartphone with some brilliant high end specs but as most phones do, there were some issues with it. A few months ago, LG released their 3rd generation LG G3 in May 2014 and few could frown at the phone LG were offering. With incredible specs, a beautiful innovative design and a refreshed interface, the LG G3 is certainly at the top of the pile along with phones such as the HTC One (M8) and the Samsung Galaxy S5. In this post, I will be reviewing all the features of the LG G3 such as the screen, the build quality, the performance, the camera and the battery life.

1 The Screen

The LG G3 comes with the best and highest quality screen ever seen before on a phone with a 5.5 inch, Quad HD (2K) screen packed with a whopping 536 pixels per inch. Being twice the quality of a full HD screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, the LG G3’s marvellous screen is arguably the best part of the phone. This pixel difference between the screen of the LG G3 and the One (M8) may be slightly difficult to see but you should still be able to notice it as the sharpness and detail of the screen is downright brilliant. Looking at the glorious screen is like staring at a piece of artwork and in my opinion, you just can’t question the fact that this smartphone screen is simply the best yet.IMG-20140929-WA0001

2 The User Interface

The LG G2’s interface was probably one of the lowest points of the entire phone as it was filled with bloatware and to put it easily, just not very pleasant. With the G3 on the other hand, this time round, LG has acknowledged all the complaints about the G2’s interface and has massively simplified the LG G3’s saying that “smart is the new simple” in the launch for the LG G3. They have added features including smart notice- LG’s take on Google Now- LG Health, smart tips, quick memo and Knock Code (a new way to unlock your device without it even being on).LG has also added some new features to the UI to make it easier and simpler to use, for example holding down the volume down or volume up to launch the camera and quick memo quickly, double tapping on your home screen to turn it off or double tapping to turn it on again (a very useful feature) and the innovative new idea QuickCircle which allows you to launch apps such as the camera, LG’s new health app and the music player in a small circle window (although you need the case to use this). All in all, LG’s new take on android is quite nice and certainly an improvement to the G2’s interface.IMG-20140929-WA0002

3 Build Quality and Design

The LG G3’s back panel is made of polycarbonate, however, it does well to fool the eyes into believing it is made up of metal as it has a very nice faux metal finish although, when you hold it you tend to realise that it is not actually made of metal. Whilst many individuals may complain of the non metal back panel, this can actually be a good thing for the phone as a plastic back means LG have made the LG G3 so that you can remove the back panel so that you can change batteries and there is also a microSD (expandable to up to 128gb) and microSim slot visible when you open up the cover. Many people may think that the 5.5″ screen may mean the phone can easily fall out of your hand, but I have not as of yet experienced this issue as LG have made the back panel curved so that the LG G3 can comfortably fit in your hand. Also on the back of the phone is the powerful 1 watt speaker which allows for some very loud sound to come out, the camera and the power button and volume rockers. Some of you may be thinking that that is a very poor decision ,however, I believe that this may be one of the most innovative parts of the LG G3 as they are placed where your index finger tends to lie. Finally, the design of the LG G3 is made even better by the tiny bezels that LG have left for the phone making the 5.5″ phone even smaller in size than the 5.2″ HTC One (M8).IMG-20140929-WA0003

4 Camera

The LG G3 comes shipped with a 13mp camera which is thought to be quite alright at this time, although the Sony Z series all have superior cameras with 20.7mp monsters and the S5 has a slightly higher pixel count with a 16mp camera. However, although the pixel count may be considered quite average nowadays, I can personally say that the camera is most definitely above average as it has taken some very impressive images for me. Moreover, LG has added many features to further improve the quality of images taken by the LG G3 camera as they have given the phone a dual LED flash to improve low lighting pictures, OIS+ (optical image stabilization) which improves the stability of images, 4K video recording, which may already be on the Sony Xperia Z2, but never the less still brilliant, and the final and best part, the first ever laser autofocus in a camera. The laser autofocus helps to improve the speed of focusing pictures, helping the G3 to focus faster than the blink of an eye- amazing! LG has also given the G3 a very nice and simplified camera interface.Screenshot_2014-09-29-16-40-00

5 Performance and Battery Life

The LG G3 includes a quad- core Snapdragon 801 clocked at 2.5GHz along with 2gb or 3gb RAM (dependent on whether you buy the 16gb or 32gb variants). Its performance is incredible to sum it all up in one word as I have not yet experienced lag on mine and it handles high quality games very well as the Snapdragon 801 is by far the best of all the mobile processors that are currently available for smartphones. Moving onto the battery life, the LG G3 comes shipped with an enormous 3000mah battery which is needed to power all of those pixels which the LG G3 contains. My LG G3 seems to have a bug where it stays on 100% battery for a very long duration of up to 45 minutes of intense 1080p YouTube watching (not complaining) but in the aftermath of losing that extra 1%, it seems to decrease at quite a rapid rate only lasting me one whole day from my daily usage whereas some new flagship smartphones can last up to 2 entire days. In my opinion, the battery is the lowest point of the G3 although it is still quite excellent.IMG-20140929-WA0004

In conclusion, whilst the battery life may be considered poor and the back panel a disappointment as it is not metallic, I would highly recommend this phone to everyone due to its beautiful screen, intelligent user interface, innovative build quality, its brilliant camera and its rapid performance for a price of roughly £500, which is cheaper than the new iPhone by far!



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