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Meaning of Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift is one of the most popular and best-selling artists in the world. She has written many songs during her career and here is a list of some of her best ones.

1 Shake It Off

On August 18th 2014 Taylor Swift released yet another song called Shake It Off. It marks a change in style for Swift from country pop to, well pop. Swift’s music video shows just how much she cares about what people think by doing her own thing in the midst of some professional dancers. Interested? You can watch her ‘Outtake’ videos on YouTube now. It has been just under two months since its release and I am yet to find one person who does not like to sing or dance along. I mean who doesn’t like to ‘Shake It Off’ sometimes?

2 Ronan

This song is one of the many emotional songs written by Taylor Swift. Only being aired once, it tells the story of a little four year old boy who died of cancer. Personally I think that the best thing about this song is that Taylor Swift called Ronan’s mother to ask her if she would be the co-writer. Swift’s lyrics are based on a blog written by Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother, which was started when Ronan Thompson was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. The song is available on iTunes and all proceeds go towards fighting cancer. If you haven’t heard the song yet then feel free to watch it, we’ll wait. Go on I dare you!

3 Picture To Burn

Now who doesn’t like a bit of revenge after a bad break-up? Taylor Swift sure does! The song falls into the country rock genre and is said to have been inspired by the ‘cocky’ and ‘narcissistic’ nature of a male that the song is about. The music video shows Swift’s band ransacking her ex’s house by spitting in his mouthwash, writing ‘loser’ on his mirror and more. Perfect way to get revenge right? Looks like it. Another thing that I found really cool about the music video is that Taylor Swift and her band perform with pyrotechnics in the background, which I have never seen before in any of Swift’s videos.

4 Saturday Night Live ‘Monologue song’

I actually came across this one by accident but it is one of the funniest songs I have heard. Taylor Swift was both the host and the musical guest of the episode. In case you are not aware of the job of the host let me explain it to you. Usually the host of the night would deliver a monologue at the beginning of the show and then introduce the musical guest. As Swift was both she changed her monologue into a monologue song, as you do, about herself including lyrics such as ‘I like glitter and sparkly dresses’ and ‘I like baking and things that smell like winter’. If you haven’t listened to it then you are missing out! Watch it here now.

5 You Belong With Me

I just had to put this song on this countdown; anyone who has watched the music video will know why. I remember this song as being the first one that I watched and loved. In the music video Taylor Swift is seen dancing along to her song in her bedroom after not being able to tell the guy who lives opposite how she feels about him. Little does she know that he actually saw her. It is a song to which many teenagers and sometimes even adults can relate to.

Cover Image By Marcin Wichary|CC BY 2.0

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