Mother's Day Retro stamps

Mother’s Day Should be Everyday

Mother's Day Retro stamps

In our completely busy life, we consider having one day a year as a sacred day – that which must be done else we will get in trouble for not doing it. However, what’s more important to consider is the fact that we shouldn’t consider this one particular day as more holier than the rest of the year. We must take into consideration that our parents when we were little didn’t make the 3rd Sunday in March as more holier than other days and therefore didn’t treat us differently on other days of the year. Had this been the case our childhood would have been reduced nothing but memories which we wouldn’t want to recall.

Nonetheless we should make as much effort as it is possible to at least make one day of the year feel special to our parents (for most of whom we have been an outright burden on them when we were little), although this particular day has been tainted with mere commercial gain strategies rather than a day of honour.

I think we should visit our parent as often as possible, should that be become difficult we should make as much contact as we can whether that be telephone, text messaging or video conferencing through Skype or any other such methods. This is because when we grow up most of us leave home to pursue higher education or find a career, but we forget that our parents become lonely and they need somebody to talk to; to look after them and entertain them. And then once we have finished our education or have a stable career we to tend start our own family and have children by then a lot of us completely forget about parents because our children have become what we were to our parents. And then once they grow up and leave home then we realise how our parents felt when we left.

However, the loneliness can be subsidised if our children call us or visit us once every so often. In the same manner I believe that we can reduce the pain and loneliness our parents face if we visit them often and if we are unable to do that we should at least make use of other methods to communicate with them.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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