PlayStation 4 Has Been Announced!


Sony has finally released news on the highly anticipated PS4, just like our team (and everyone else) predicted.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and see if it was worth the wait.

The specs for the PlayStation 4

  • Octa-core x86 chip
  •  64-bit CPU
  • 176gbs band width
  • Dedicated secondary chip designed for background tasks, even while in sleep mode
  • joined 8GB GDDR5 System Memory
  • enhanced GPU
  • surcharged processor

Click here to view a more detailed set of specifications available in a PDF format at Sony’s Official site.

Sony said that they want to concentrate on 5 points in regards to the PS4.


The PS4 must be easy to use and functional, the power had to be a button away.


To do this Sony built custom made hardware that reduces lag and also introduced a secondary custom chip to run process’s in the background, this means no waiting time, no start time, just  pick up controller and “go”. Titles will also be playable even when still being downloaded.


Sony introduced advance compression and decompression hardware to help with this. You Will also be able to upload videos while playing plus you will be able to browse live game videos.  Sony have tried hard to make their new network a bit like facebook with gamers adding profile pictures and information. you will also be able to play with friends, as Sony put it “you will fight together, become champions together and rule the world together”.


(Courtesy of Sony)


The PS4 will be integrated across the network, smart phones and tablets will also be able to interact and connect to the PS4.


The “system gets to know you”, you will only be a button press away from the latest games, news or interaction from friends. The network will change according to the gamer as the system is aware of the player. Furthermore the system will try to predict next game you will purchase, this idea of the sytem changing makes the store a lot more personal.

From first impression the PS4 looks good, As Sony have stated PlayStation 4 proves that “we have more  to offer than ever before” and that it “must exceed..expectations”. Although no actual pictures of the PS4 were shown nor was the price revealed, Sony have made their move, how will Microsoft react in regards to their new xbox, and which one will be better. The event have attracted a lot interests in Sony’s new console, could Sony pull it off.


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