PlayStation 4 Will Stream Games



A big part of the PS4 will be its ability to stream. Sony have teamed up with Gaikai to try to develop the “fastest network” ever, and a network that “will get to know you”. You will be able to instantly download things for free and stream them from the internet. A cool feature that Sony have developed is a remote play; this will allow the PS4 to stream itself to the PS Vita. So the PS4 will be able to stream PS3 games on the PS4. Advanced technology currently in development  will also allow PS1, PS2 and PS3 games to be streamed to the ps4. However, for this Sony and Gaikai need “to build the fastest global network ever made”. Apart from this there Sony wants to create a “social network with meaning”. There will be a huge emphasis on spectating as well as interacting with friends while they are playing. Another exciting feature is that friends will be able to take over your controller (with your permission of course) and help you or do parts for you.

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