Sony Have Made Their First Move


Sony have made their first move in this extremely competitive market, will their pitch pay off.  Most gamers were pretty impressed with the PS4, even Sony’s main competition Microsoft stated that they need to ‘bring their A-game’ in regards to their next gen console; this clearly shows that Sony have worried Microsoft. Although Sony initially wanted Microsoft to make the first move, this change in strategy has proven to be a good one.

Although from first look, the PS4 looks amazing, we are still left in the dark in regards to many key aspects of the PS4. Here is a list of some unknowns:

  •          Pictures of the PS4
  •          Price
  •        Game formats
  •        Specific release date
  •          Other features

So far the PS4 looks promising, but Sony are still to convince gamers to buy one. Maybe in the coming months Sony may release more information that will persuade us to part with our money. Sony has to show that the PS4 will be a good investment and not just a PS3 with a fancy controller and better graphics. With Microsoft lurking just around the corner, another level of complexity is about to be added; the question remains, how will Microsoft respond to the Sony event?            

 Hopefully more information including actual pictures of the PS4 system will be showcased at this year’s E3 event.

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