Game of Thrones Characters we Love but Hate

Game of Thrones is basically a show full of ‘goodies’ and ’baddies’(naive, believe me I’m aware) but don’t let this deter you. Game of thrones takes this idea of antagonist and protagonist, good versus evil, hero against villain and completely spins it on its head. Unfortunately leaving you gawping desperately at the screen alongside rolling credits, wondering whether you actually love or hate a character and trying to pin point just when exactly your sense of morality flew out of the window. This article recognises those exact characters whom make us question ourselves as people and as viewers. Game of thrones characters we love but hate…

10 Melisandre (The Red Priestess)

Game of thrones characters we love but hate

If her incessant wining about the Lord of light isn’t enough to drive you ‘stark raving mad’ (pun intended) then maybe her favoured saying of “The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors” is plenty enough to make you want to join up to the L of L club and receive an array of magical abilities to use against her. Although the colour coordination is somewhat appealing and I must say her determination is more than admirable, her corruption of innocent Stannis Baratheon and his insufficient wife is enough to land her at number 10 of the Game of thrones characters we love but hate. Her crimes include black magic, murder and warmongering. Although we do love a feisty character who is more than willing to get their hands dirty


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