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Top 7 Custom ROMS – Ash/Dave


Android is an OS that is renowned for its incredible customisation options and is rapidly spreading worldwide with the hardware of android devices becoming increasingly impressive with each new smartphone released. An excellent way to take advantage of all this power at your fingertips is to root your android device- some may think of this as jailbreaking your android although they are completely different- as overclocking your device, titanium backup and root explorer are just three of a wide variety of things that root may bring to your android device. However, a massive downside to rooting your android device is that you will no longer be able to update your device as you would prior to rooting. A solution to this problem is included in what root brings though. This solution is custom roms. Custom roms can give you access to the latest android versions as your device becomes outdated but with added features to add to the insanely vast options of customisation. In this post, we will be discussing the 7 best roms for your android smartphone:




2 Cyanogen Mod


One of the most popular custom ROMs is Cyanogen Mod.




4 Paranoid Android


Paranoid Android

5 Carbon ROM


Carbon ROM

6 Omni ROM


Omni Rom



A more unknown ROM, but still popular is MIUI.


So there are you are… seven of the finest Android custom ROMs on the market. Each of them bring their own thing, well almost, and each provide their own experience. The only unfortunate downside of these Custom ROMs is in fact device compatibility. For now, only the higher end smartphones, and some budget smartphones have the option to install these. However, if you think about it, maybe it’s for the better. I mean, you wouldn’t want a laggy device ruining your rom.

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