Top 5 Original Fairy Tale Endings

Top 5 Original Fairy Tale Endings

So everyone knows Disney right? You know, that company that makes really good, ground breaking family movies with the most creepiest, messed up source material they can get their Mickey hands on. Oh, didn’t know about that last part? That’s where I come in. I recently discovered that more or less all Disney movies have scarier origins than frieking Hannibal Lector and I need to talk about it so I can sleep at night without my childhood broken. So without further ado I present the top 5 craziest original fairy tale endings I could find.

5 The Little Mermaid

Yes, the fantasy tale of a teen mermaid so in love with a human she changes species for a chance to win his heart has a dark and sinister background. Looking at the Disney plot I’m not even sure that’s surprising. Well anyway in the original rather than preventing the prince from marrying the wrong person she actually fails and her sisters have to shave off all their hair to give to Ursula in exchange for an enchanted knife. If she uses it to kill the prince she’ll be able to return to being a mermaid. Only problem is she can’t do it. So she does the only natural thing, commit suicide and turn into sea foam. Yikes! Needless to say this isn’t exactly child friendly. Oh did I mention while she has legs it feels like she’s walking on broken glass all the time? Seriously just spend a moment thinking how much that would hurt.

4 Beauty and the Beast

Think the normal story we know and love, then add in two spoilt, bratty, jealous sisters that come to live with Belle after her and the beast are together. Unfortunately these sisters get so envious of Belles life they drown her in a bath tub only for her to be resurrected by the sorceress who cast the spell on the beast. She then turns the sisters into stone, saying when someone learns to love them as stone they will be free from the curse. A happier ending than the rest of this list but still pretty creepy.

3 Snow White

In the weirdest variation I could find of this Snow White is actually only seven years old. The step mother is her actual mother and when she sends the huntsman to kill little  Snow she wants him to bring back her liver and lungs so she can…eat them. When that fails the evil queen tries to murder her twice more, before giving her the poison apple.  After this succeeds the prince then stumbles on the glass coffin the dwarfs made and, no joke, falls in love with her dead body to such an extent that he gets his men to carry her back to his palace. Snow White only wakes up because the men drop her, which dislodges piece of apple from her throat. You might think great! Now it’s the happily ever after bit right? Well, yes but there is one more gruesome part to it. At the wedding the evil queen is forced to dance in red hot iron shoes until she dies. If you ever have another wedding Snow, remember to book proper entertainment, torturing isn’t exactly romantic…

2 Cinderella

This has got to be one of the most heart warming, morally ethical, family frenzy of fun you can find in the Disney princess universe. To be fair, the original doesn’t change the story that much. Just leaves out the part where  the prince arrives for the step sisters to try on the glass slipper their mother tells them to cut off parts of their feet to fit in the shoes. One of them chops of their heel, the other their big toe. When the prince discovers their trickery he gets pigeons to peck out their eyes so they have to live out the rest of their lives as blind beggars. At least Cinderella gets her happy ending? Honestly this variation wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t for one thing. Yes the step sisters are bratty and selfish but the real villain is the step mother and no one hears what happens to her.

1 Sleeping Beauty

Forget Maleficent and all those awesome side characters, this story is just messed up. While she’s in her hundred year slumber a king finds her. Only he seemed to want a bit more than a kiss. Maybe he was so in love he simply had to have his way with her or maybe he was just a psychotic necrophiliac but either way he rapes her while she’s sleeping and nine months later she gives birth to twins, still unconscious. She wakes up because one of her babies sucks the piece of flux from her thumb. I guess she might of been just a tad surprised to discover she was a mother. Congratulations? Anyway she does end up tracking down the king and they get married. But it turns out he’s already married and the wife is not happy. She attempts to kill and feed the twin babies to the king and burn poor Sleeping Beauty at the stake. I had to read three separate websites to believe this was the actual ending and even now I still have my doubts on Walt Disney’s sanity. I mean, how can you turn all of this into children’s movies! He’s either a genius or…a crazy genius. Doesn’t change the fact I’ll never look at these  films the same way again.


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