Unusual Ways To Travel By Google Maps – Top 5

I’m sure everybody has used Google Maps, or something Google related in their lives. It’s becoming an integrated part of society, and is one of the biggest companies in the world. But even they like to have a laugh once in a while. Here are 5 unusual ways to travel that exist, according to Google Maps, in no particular order.

Unusual Way No. 1 Dragon

Yep, you heard me right, by dragon. Simply search for directions between ‘Brecon Beacons’ and ‘Snowdon’, and you’ll soon be a high flyer – literally (*groans*). Anyway, for those who are wondering, the Dragon is on the National Flag Of Wales, thus resulting in the option to travel by Dragon.

Unusual Way No. 2 Royal Carriage

We probably won’t ever get to be royalty, but according to Google Maps, we can still travel like royalty. If you’re planning a day trip from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace (the primary residences of the Queen of UK), one of the possible methods of travel is by Royal Carriage. To be honest though, who travels from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace unless you actually are royalty, or a tourist, now you mention it.

Unusual Way No. 3 Punt

OK, so this isn’t one of those extremely unusual ones, but still, it’s uncommon. Simply travel between Magdalene College and President’s Lodge Queens College, in Cambridge, or between Magdalen College to Wolfson College, in Oxford, and the option to travel by punt will appear. For those who don’t know, a punt is a long, narrow, flat-based boat.

Unusual Way No. 4 Walking

Oh My Gosh… It’s the attack of the pedestrians. No, I’m joking. Wait, I’m not. Or am I? I guess not… Anyway, Google Maps provides you with the option to walk – with one catch – in Antarctica. To do this, first search for Half Moon Island. Then drag the StreetView Man on to the Southern tip of the Island and voila, you’re in Antarctica.

Unusual Way No. 5 Loch Ness Monster

Perhaps my favourite unusual method of travelling is the Loch Ness Monster. Between Fort Augustus, and Urquhart Castle, this is an available option.  Obviously, there’s some debate about whether or not it actually exists, but for now, Google certainly made me laugh.


So there we have it. 5 unusual ways to travel, according to Google Maps. Even the big companies enjoy having a bit of fun. If you enjoyed reading this article, then I would recommend reading  ’12 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know Google Could Do’ from OrrexMedia.

Cover Image By dirkb86|CC BY 2.0

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